Common material for tarpaulin
Aug 02, 2018

The tarpaulin has good waterproof performance for car transportation and the cover of open warehouse and tents in the field. According to the needs of customers, tarpaulin is also divided into many kinds of materials, and the tarpaulin manufacturer is a common material for the tarpaulin.

Production of tarpaulin material 1: rough canvas also known as covered cover cloth, strong folding fabric, good waterproof performance, for car transportation and open warehouse cover and field tents, is the main use of domestic car tarpaulin material.

Tarpaulin fabric two: the base cloth is made of high strength chemical fiber, that is, polyester filament Oxford cloth. The polyester filament Oxford cloth is considered the most suitable tent fabric. No matter the strength, density, weight and hardness of the fabric is satisfactory, after the waterproof coating treatment, it can be made to the sewing factory to make the finished tent, aseismatic Disaster relief. The surface PVC coating can also be treated as flame retardant and antistatic treatment. High strength fiber plays the role of abrasion resistance and tear resistance. The PVC coating plays a waterproof and mildew proof effect. It can protect goods well and is widely used. It is mainly used for automobile (train) Gab, outdoor goods Pongab, tent and tent fabric.

Making tarpaulin fabric 3: PE tarpaulin materials general guide Korean cloth, is in the PE woven fabric double-sided coating PE film, but also useful polyethylene woven fabric. The advantage is that its quality is light, clean and pollution-free.

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