Five anti-waterproof canvas application
Aug 02, 2018

The surface is specially treated to prevent the anti-slip effect. It is an internationally popular waterproof cloth, and the width is extremely large, reaching 2 meters wide. When the finished product is finished, the seam can be reduced to improve the quality. The heat sealing can be used to eliminate the worry of sewing the pinhole. . According to the needs of users, we can produce products with different functions, different colors and different thicknesses.

The use of PVC five-proof canvas:

1. Cargo tarpaulin for cars, trains, and ships

2. It can be used as a cover for the open-air warehouse of the station terminal harbor airport.

3. Can build temporary granaries and various crops for outdoor cover

4. PVC three-proof tarpaulin can be used as a construction site for temporary construction sheds and temporary warehouses for construction sites such as power construction sites on construction sites.

5. It can be processed into camping tents and outer sheaths of various machinery and equipment.

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