Notices of fixed plastic tarpaulin
Aug 02, 2018

When we use plastic tarpaulin, we should pay attention to its fixed way. After the plastic pads are completely unfolded, four edges and corners should be fixed first, and then a mat can be placed on the cover of the tarpaulin. This can protect the tarpaulin underground, and it can play the role of waterproof. After the outer ledge is supported, the rope is dragged. Tight, so that the external accounts tight, conducive to external rain proof display. If the account has a skirt, you can use sandy soil to bury the edge of the skirt to play the role of windproof and sand. In the fixed time, we should pay attention to the fixed order of the nail, for example, first left corner, then right rear corner, right front angle, left rear corner. In the end, the accounts are fixed, and each direction of the rope is pulled tight to make it force evenly. 

Finally, after supporting the tarpaulin, check whether the ledger in the plastic tarpaulin and the external account are fitted together, if they are fitted together to separate them. After the end of the plastic tarpaulin, check the interval between the internal and external accounts, if attached, the impact of rain and dew, should be adjusted, the above content is about the installation of plastic tarpaulin.

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