PE tarpaulin raw material polyethylene casting film forming characteristics
Aug 02, 2018

The polythene casting film is mainly made of low density polyethylene resin. First, the raw material is plasticized and fused through the extruder. The mold is extruded through the T mold forming mold. The film is rolled on the roll surface of the smooth rotating cooling roller. The film is cooled and cooled on the cooling roll, then the product is reel after traction and cutting.

From the drawing process diagram of polyethylene flow casting, we can see that the extrusion casting film method, though it is the same as the extrusion blow molding film, is to melt the raw material through the extruder, but the state of the film billet extruded by different mold structures is different. The film billet of the blown plastic film is tubular, and the casting is thin. The film billet of the film is flake, and the film billet of the film is cooled by blowing and pulling and drawing, while the film billet of the flow film is flaky to cooling and setting on the cooling roller. Casting tape has neither longitudinal stretch nor transverse stretch during extrusion casting and cooling setting. The film formed by tape casting is thicker than that of blown film, with good transparency and good thermal sealing performance. The width of the film is more than 1mm, and the thickness is 0.005-1mm. The thickness is usually 0.015-0.06mm.

As a kind of thin film, which is tasteless, non-toxic, transparent, soft, low temperature resistant and dampness, it is usually used to pack dry biscuits, melon seeds, heat sealing material for dry composite materials and various building waterproof materials.

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