Storage method of tarpaulin
Aug 02, 2018

In addition to disposable products, there is a storage problem as long as the products are reused. The tarpaulin is no exception. Although it is convenient for us to use it, improper storage will also affect its service life.

Before the preservation, a certain cleaning of the tarpaulin, if any dust or oil, the need to go through a certain cleaning, can be preserved. While preserving, make sure to dry, but to dry in the shade, not directly in the sun, which will lead to poor quality of tarpaulin. Only by ensuring that the tarpaulin does not have any traces of water can it be assured that it will be preserved without fear of mildew.

In a word, it is very important to preserve the tarpaulin, so as to make the tarpaulin have longer service life and better effect.

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