Waterproof tarpaulin can be recycled
Aug 02, 2018

We usually set up tents at the time of our trip. We use waterproof tarpaulin at this time, but how do we deal with it after using it? Especially after many times of use, are they thrown away?

In fact, this is a very serious problem. We usually use tarpaulin for some places to live in temporary residence. When we do not need it, we may save the next time, but a little bit of a hole in the hole, and the rain and soil, and so on, will give the tent a special dirty, and then choose to throw it. In fact, we should consider recycling these tarpaulins.

For some undamaged tarpaulins, we can clean them directly, dry them and store them for the next use. If there are holes in the tarpaulin and it's not too small, we can collect them and make other materials.

Now we all hope to have a green environment, many enterprises are also in response to the national call to the direction of environmental protection, we are committed to the tarpaulin recycling, and hope to have a good way of sustainable development.

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