A Small Technique For The Selection Of Tarpaulins
Aug 02, 2018

If you want to buy good quality tarpaulins, you must first understand the quality of tarpaulins, tarpaulins prices account for a large factor, but not entirely decided by the price. Under normal circumstances, the same proportion of the area, the higher the price of tarpaulin products, the quality will certainly be better. Price is only one aspect, practicality is another aspect. A very important criterion for the quality of tarpaulins is the density of longitude and latitude. The higher the density, the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. In looking at the appearance, the more rough the surface is, the lower the quality, so if you take a tarp, look at the roughness first, and then try to try the softness by hand.

Now that the Mid Autumn Festival has just passed and the travel season has come, many people have started to be interested in tents in the tarpaulin, because out of time, camping is a very pleasant thing. So today, I will vote for you. Let's talk about choosing a tent.

First choose the tent pole. Tent poles are mostly fiberglass rods, with a small number of aluminum rods. The price of glass fiber rod is cheap, but it is heavy. The glass fiber rod will break under the high cold environment and sudden heavy pressure. So we have to look at the actual situation, we need the tent pole.

Look at the tent cloth in the second step. A good tent, the tent cloth is the focus. How to check the quality of the tarpaulin should be the main reference for the rain proof performance of the outer tent. The index is still calculated by how many mm water columns per square centimeter.  Excellent quality rain-proof canvas, not only high rain-proof index, but also in the canvas seam joints there are wide compression tape to prevent seam leakage. No one wants to run into a rainy day when camping out, or even the tarpaulin he bought is still leaking.

The third step is to choose the style, the dome type or the channel type. The dome tent is supported by more than 2 ledger poles, and it can basically be built without nails. Channel type tents basically need to use ground nails to build firmly, so the wind resistant effect is good. It is mainly used in the high mountain wind environment. If it is on hard ground such as cement, only the heavy stone will be used to hold the support point of the tent.

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