How To Slow Down Aging Wind Erosion By PE Tarpaulin
Aug 02, 2018

No matter what products are aging wind erosion, the use of plastic tarpaulin will be yellowing after the use of long time, giving people a dirty, obsolete feeling, how to slow down the yellow color of plastic tarpaulin to keep it bright as new?

1, you can use white paper on the surface of the waterproof plastic tarpaulin to tear off after sun drying, which prevents it from discoloring. The principle is the same as that of a layer of paper on the surface of the shoe when we have white canvas shoes.

2, after cleaning the plastic tarpaulin, it should be coated on top of toothpaste or white chalk powder, and it should be evenly spread, and then dry to prevent discoloration.

3, in peacetime use, try to avoid plastic tarpaulin and carbon ink and other difficult to clean items for contact.

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