The Benefits Of A Fireproof Tarpaulin
Aug 02, 2018

Fireproof tarpaulin, as the name suggests, has the fire protection function, although is so, the tarpaulin manufacturer still wants everybody to talk about the advantage ratio of the fireproof tarpaulin, may have the unexpected harvest, everybody quickly come to understand it:

It can protect objects away from hot spots and spark zones, and completely prevent combustion or isolation combustion. Because the covering cloth itself has the function of heat insulation, it can delay the time of combustion and explosion of dangerous goods or precision instruments, so there is time for discovery and rescue. The covering cloth is used for safety protection in the production, storage and transportation of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and precision instruments and equipment.

We should completely cover dangerous goods and precision instruments and equipment, so that they can reduce the combustion and explosion caused by little Mars.

Yes, what you see is true. The fireproof tarpaulin is not only fireproof, but also explosion-proof, fireproof and explosion-proof is the advantage of the tarpaulin. We can understand the meaning of the tarpaulin. We can know what kind of tarpaulin we need at the time of purchase and we know it when we buy it. It's not really suitable for using fire proof tarpaulin, so you don't have to ask others, you can make your own decisions. Isn't that good?

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