What Is The PE Tarpaulin?
Aug 02, 2018

First, the concept:

PE, the chemical name is polyethylene, it is a semi crystalline thermoplastic material, the mechanical strength and chemical resistance is good, three Xin Peng cloth factory PE braided cloth using South Korean technology, precision preparation, high quality material, cheap and tasteless, so clean and environmentally friendly.

Two, characteristics:

1, no odor, non-toxic, feel like wax, clean and environmental protection;

2, it has excellent low temperature resistance.

3, the body is light and convenient to fold and carry. It is also convenient to use in case of emergency.

3, it has good water absorption.

3, the electrical insulation performance is good.

4, it can be used normally at -70 to +100 degrees Celsius, and the chemical stability is good.

Three, product use:

1, the use of rain proof cloth for long-distance transportation and sea transportation;

2, outdoor facilities, terminal yard, airport construction rain, sunscreen and dust-proof.

3, transportation packaging;

4, the dust prevention and protection during the decoration;

5, for dust-proof, waterproof, sunscreen equipment production.

Four, points for attention:

1, PE tarpaulin is a double-sided film covering. Its biggest drawback is its short service life, so it is only suitable for short term waterproofing.

2, avoid contact with sharp tools, and prohibit dragging on the ground when it is used.

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